How can CleverBerries help you best arrive at your goals?

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Watch the trailer, read the description and feedback from our students. If you have any questions - write to us, we’ll tell you everything: [email protected] or just chat.
Choose one of our training formats
Statistics show that often users buy online courses and don't finish them (and sometimes don't even start). Sometimes the reason is busy, sometimes it's because one isn't interested, and sometimes there just isn't enough discipline. We at CleverBerries have set ourselves the goal of providing courses in an online format with a focus on practice and giving as much support as possible so that you achieve what you want. In most of our courses, you have 3 options: self-paced, with supervisors or proceed with course creator.
Purchase materials in advance
If you do not want to search the Internet and stores for materials for the course, go to our store and buy everything you need immediately with the course (check the course description - there will be all the information whether you can buy from us or we will recommend stores). The courses are structured so that by the beginning of the theoretical part, the materials already arrive. For the delivery service, of course, we cannot answer. But if you order 2-3 weeks before the start of the course - as a rule, all in time.
Start learning right away!
As soon as you pay for the course, you'll receive a confirmation email. You can go straight to your personal cabinet and start studying the materials. Take the course and get feedback from the professionals. All mentors with practical experience in their field will answer your questions, give you solutions and guide you.
Get a certificate and share your achievements!
If you choose a plan with homework, you have an opportunity to receive personalized and signed by your instructor certificate. Add it to your portfolio, use with CV or share it online.

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